In This Moment

a new album is in the making – in this moment – and we are fully funded!

Over the past couple of months, we got together and successfully fully funded my kickstarter!! I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity to create something knowing I have the support to see it all the way through!! Stay tuned for more updates ❤

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamed of making an album, touring with it, and getting to make people happy with my music. I got to make this dream come true back in 2019, with the release of my first album, Love Notes.

Love Notes was raw, innocent, young. It was simple; me and my uke, my friends, and my songs. I saved up money and did some research, and recorded at a cozy studio in Chicago. I started a couch tour, playing in people’s homes to share the music and tell the stories behind the songs. I got a kickstarter going to help pay for more studio time, and when I finally got over my own fears, I released.

I am ready to do this all over again – and do it better.

Since Love Notes, I’ve invested in creating a home studio, taken courses to learn how to produce my own music and improve my songwriting skills, and have even started releasing music I’ve recorded, produced, mixed and mastered all in my home studio. In addition to all of this, I’ve begun live streaming on twitch and established a patreon community where I play an exclusive monthly show, and offer behind the scenes content (specifically on creating this album!).

I’ve come to think of albums kind of like books. They tell stories, and send messages. I’ve been thinking about what that is for this album. What is the thesis? I’ve been bouncing some ideas around, from topics on being quarantined, personal growth, overcoming challenges, to just moments that felt bigger than most. I’m still working this out, and I’m excited to continue exploring what that is. One thing is certain; this album will have all of the heart and emotion of the first, but will explore a whole new sound world!

About In This Moment
(At A Glance)

What’s the Point?

I like albums that make a statement. For me, part of that statement is proving to myself how much I’ve grown and learned since my first album, from learning how to produce to understanding the music industry better. But there’s more. There’s a maturity that has been earned, only after experiencing my first album, and so many things to process and make sense of. Creating this album gives room for that, and will allow others to explore and connect with this sense of growing up and moving through.

Capturing This (whatever this is)

Surviving 2020, and about to experience whatever 2021 will be, is just too unique a time to not try to capture it. Life is filled with “moments” – bits of time that stand still because whatever is happening feels bigger. I’ve had so many of these, and most of these have bee immortalized in the songs I’ve written, some of which will be in this album.

A New Sound World

Did I mention I can record from my own bedroom now?! This has been a complete game changer. I don’t need to pay for studio time, or pay for a producer anymore, because these are really big skills that I have taken the time and energy to learn to do on my own. What you’ll hear on this album will be coming directly from my imagination, and will more accurately reflect my vision than anything else, and I am so hyped about that!

For this album, I do want to get a professional in to mix and master. I’m not there yet, to do it on my own, but I’m excited to work with amazing people who can give this album that extra polish!

How you can be a part of this 🙂

I’m not in this alone. That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned this year. I took several courses specifically to grow as an artist and to learn more about the music industry, and this allowed me to meet so many amazing like minded artists. Learning alongside them has made such a big difference and has encouraged me to continue forward.

Now, I want you to be here too! I am making a bunch of behind the scenes content, including videos of me during the songwriting process, recording and producing the tracks, and all the little things in between. Be the first to know about these by joining my email list, get your name featured in my album art (physical CD) by donating to my kickstarter, and dig even deeper with exclusive shows, thematic conversations on the album (and more) on Patreon (Lets Make An Album).

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