Love Notes in the Making: Note #2

What a whirlwind of a month!

Since going into the studio for the first time I have;

  1. Launched, met, and surpassed my Kickstarter goal of $500 – We are at $601!
  2. Added harmonies to the original takes
  3. Planned a fully booked Couch Tour, filling up all of July and August – May go into September!
  4. Kicked off the first Couch Tour Show at my apartment
  5. Run out of stickers and reordered them to the wrong address but somehow magically still got stickers
  6. And have fallen completely in love with all of the crazy support I’ve been receiving from you guys!

There is so much to be thankful for, and this still feels like the beginning. I am so excited for the next two months of playing on people’s couches, and excited to meet so many beautiful souls!

As a thank you to everyone who has thus far contributed to the Kickstarter, I will be releasing a secret song – Apartment. This is a song that I may (or may not!) play live as I go through the Couch Tour, and has been requested to be released as a single! As this song does not entirely fit the mood I’m going for with Love Notes, I think it fair to release it as a secret single. Want access to the song? Any contribution, (even 50 cents!) will guarantee you a free download of the song! There are 30 Days Left!

Coming up, there is much for me to learn and keep up with, and as new developments occur, I will keep you posted! Want even more? Join my email newsletter! Simply message me via my booking page with your email, come to a show and sign up in person, or privately message me on any social media (fb, instagram).

Until next time!

Sunflower Summit ❤