Love Notes Kickstarter Launch

It’s finally here – the official launch of the Love Notes Kickstarter!

For the next 60 days, Sunflower Summit will be on a mission to raise $500, All funding will be used for a number of things towards the record, such as;

  • Paying musicians
  • Paying for studio time/Sound Engineer
  • Paying graphic artists for beautiful artwork coming soon
  • Digital/Physical distribution and production of the record
  • Merch!

Kickstarter is a fantastic platform to raise money and to reward investors! Anyone who donates $15+ will get an early digital download of the album, and anyone who donates $20+ will get the early digital download, AND a physical copy of the record, signed by Sunflower Summit. And who knows? There might also be a little extra surprise with the record!

Remember, kickstarter is an All or Nothing platform – either we are successful in raising $500 or we are not, and no money will go towards funding the record. Please share the news with friends and family, and get excited with us!

The fundraiser runs from now (June 2nd @10am) until August 1st, @10am!

Much Love,

Sunflower Summit