Couch Tour 2019: FAQ

Summer is right around the corner, and with that, my first ever Couch Tour!!

What does this mean?

This means that instead of you coming to a show, I come to you!

This is a great opportunity to create a night of fun, friends, and music ❤ Plus. you’ll get to hear what’s on my debut record Love Notes before it’s released!

How this works:

  1. Contact me
  2. Set a Date
  3. Iron out the details

Contacting me: you can shoot me a message via my booking page, or send me an email at

I hope to fill up my Fridays in July and August, potentially September! Some July and August dates have already been reserved, so please contact me with your availability/possible dates sooner rather than later.

Now – Ironing Out The Details! Here are some common questions I’ve been receiving – but before diving in, I want to make clear that this is your home, so therefore you have much more power than you think you do 🙂

What Kind of Event is This?

This event is whatever you’d like it to be; I simply will provide some fresh tunes for you! It can be a party just cuz, a birthday, a theme, a bbq, a holiday, a send-off -sky’s the limit. I do not bring with me a particular theme or mission other than to share what’s coming up with my debut record, Love Notes.

Who Do I Invite?/How many people will you bring?

Since it is your home, you have a better sense of space and what you can accommodate for. It can be big or small. You have full control over who you want to invite, and how many people you want to invite. If you’d like me to invite some pals, I can do so, but only at your discretion, and you will set the number of guests I can invite.

Do I Pay You?/Do You Pay Me?

I’m not doing this for the money, but rather for the chance to connect with individuals over the music I’m so passionate about and can’t wait for you to hear! However, we can set out a tip jar to pass around/split down the middle, or charge a donation/cover fee (also split down the middle) if you would like to be compensated monetarily for your time, commitment, and use of your home. Any money I earn via this couch tour flows right back into the creation of Love Notes, to cover studio time, paying musicians, physical/digital distribution of the record, and merch.

Will you Bring Merch?

At the moment, no, since I don’t currently have any merch to bring other than free stickers! However if I do get some merch to share, the decision on whether or not I bring it is yours; I will not sell anything in your home if that makes you uncomfortable!

What about Food and Drink?

You can choose whether or not to provide any. I will not be bringing food or drink with me, nor will I be encouraging guests to bring any without your permission. To have food or drink can depend on the kind of event you want to create, such as a party with snack or just drinks or a byob thing or a potluck.

How Long Will You Play?

I can play a 25-30 minute set, or a 45-60 minute set. It really depends on how long you’d like to hear me for 🙂

Will there be other entertainment/Can I play with you?

If you’d like to bring in some more local talent, I can definitely find one or two more artists to fill the night! If you are an artist yourself, PLEASE play with me! I’d love to experience your work too ❤

What do you get out of Giving me, the host, so much control over the event?

The opportunity to make some sweet memories, connections, and music with new people! There is nothing I love more than playing live music for beautiful humans!

Those are the most hard-hitting questions at the moment, and I will be updating the document as more questions arise. I am very excited to kick off in July! Creating this record is a journey and experience that is very special to me and I want to share it with you ❤ Thank you for reading, and talk soon!