Love Notes in the Making: Note #1

I am less then seven days from stepping into the studio to record the first sounds of my debut record, Love Notes, and I am a chex mix bowl of emotions.

Recording my own album has been a huge dream of mine ever since I could remember. Because I’ve wanted this for so long, I keep over thinking it – the set list changes constantly, the ideas of how I want it to sound build up and scale down. My mind is raving, trying to figure out if I’m doing enough or if there’s more that I should be doing to make this album what it should be.

And then the thought hits – what is this record, really? I have a theme – am I sticking to it? And then the song selection starts all over again. I usually end up with the same list I started with.

All of this to say – this is f*cking exciting! And Terrifying, and exhilarating, and perfectly insanely normal. It feels so good to finally push myself to follow my heart, and to be able to share this experience with you!

To get the record spinning, I have come up with two (sort of clever) plans. Number 1: A Kickstarter! I am aiming to raise $500. This money will be used to pay for studio time, pay my fellow musicians who are putting in their time, effort, and love into making this record with me, and to pay for digital and physical distribution of the record. Anything beyond the $500 will go towards making merch!

And Number 2 – my favorite and what I might even be more excited about than creating this record – A Couch Tour!

Basically what this means is instead of playing in venues, I want to play on your couch. Or patio. Or kitchen table. Anywhere you will have me. We will work together on getting a few good folk in, and create whatever kind of event you’d like – big, small, medium, and everything in between. I’m really passionate about sharing my music in an intimate setting that facilitates connecting with listeners and experiencing the music together, and I do believe this is the perfect setting for it. If you are interested in hosting, please contact me via my booking page!

Wellp, that’s all for now! Keep your ears out for updates ❤ Thank you for reading and supporting, it means the world to me!