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Based in Chicago, Sunflower Summit is a singer, songwriter, artist, podcast host, and producer.

Influenced by classical, folk, and pop, Sunflower Summit creates music that hits right in the feels. Her debut album, Love Notes (December 2019) is a live-performed musical diary, exploring the journey of loving yourself and embracing who you are. She has since continued to release a blend of self-produced tunes and collaborations, popularly known for Carry Through, Stay Warm, and Lighthouse. Her sophomore album, In This Moment, is currently in the making!

Sunflower Summit also runs The Anthem Projectan idea to write individualized anthems for people that turned into something much bigger than her original songwriting challenge. Sunflower Summit’s podcast of the same name tells the story of the people she writes for and shares their responses. She actively accepts anthem commissions, and is currently creating Season 3.

You can find Sunflower Summit actively streaming on Twitch, and join in on cozy concert nights and exclusive behind the scenes content on content on Patreon!

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A New Album Is In The Making – In This Moment

I like albums that make a statement. For me, part of that statement is proving to myself how much I’ve grown and learned since my first album, from learning how to produce to understanding the music industry better. But there’s more. There’s a maturity that has been earned, only after experiencing my first album, and so many things to process and make sense of. Creating this album gives room for that, and will allow others to explore and connect with this sense of growing up and moving through. READ MORE!


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